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Physical Therapy Experts

A Therapist-Owned and Operated Rehabilitation Center

AJ Physical Therapy offers up-close and personal treatment to all of our patients. We apply the most direct and necessary care to our patients so recovery will occur in the least amount of time. AJ Physical Therapy is a provider for the major insurance companies: BlueCross, BlueShield, and Medicare, and accepts most PPO insurance plans. Our clinic is located in Encino, CA with plenty of free parking.


Services and Specialties

  • General and High Level Orthopedic Rehab
  • Pre- and Post- Surgery 
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • ISTYM Treatments
  • Sports Injuries
  • Sport Specific Training 
  • Taping
  • Manual Therapy
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Neuromusclar Re-education
  • State of the Art Modalities
  • Electric Stimulation
  • Laser Treatments

Our Mission:

To assist the patients in returning to their pre-injury functioning statuses as soon as possible by providing the appropriate physical therapy treatments in a positive-attitude environment.


Total Joint Replacement Specialists

Personalized Care and Fast Recovery


Rehab for Return to High Level Sports

Get back in the game


Utilizing Advanced Manual Techniques

We are a provider for BlueCross, BlueShield, and Medicare. We accept most PPO insurance plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Others Are Saying

I sustained an injury that prohibited me from exercising normally and I went to Barak hoping to rehab so that I could assume my normal workouts. Not only did physical therapy heal my injury but it highlighted weak muscles that I needed to strengthen. I left physical therapy with a more well-rounded exercise routine and the workouts that Barak instilled have now become a part of my weekly exercise regimen. My experience with Barak was incredibly positive and I would highly recommend him to anyone and especially people with sports related injuries.

Kimberly Rutt

AJ PT is EXCELLENT!!! The other day my boss told me that I was crazy when I told him that I just LOVED going to physical therapy! And maybe I AM crazy..... I sit in traffic from Eagle Rock (home) just to go there and then I go all the way to Hollywood (work) right after.....BUT maybe the easier explanation....I just found something REALLY special at AJ Physical Therapy!!
Barak's knowledge in sports medicine and physical therapy is as good as it gets!!! Let's just say that we're lucky the LA Lakers haven't discovered him yet because he's that good! Seriously!! Everything about working and rehabbing with him feels first class because you're always treated with lots of attention and care. The exercise routines are fun to do and nothing ever feels repetitive (except for maybe for some his stale jokes). Barak is great about keeping you motivated and you WILL get results if you put in the work.
We are currently working on my second ACL rehab together and I know my right leg is going to be strong again like we completely and perfectly rehabbed my left knee. BUT if I ever tear a shoulder or pop my Achilles or fall down the stairs one day....There would be a silver lining......going back to Barak at AJ Physical Therapy again!

James G.

An excellent place to do rehab. My in-law looks forward twice a week just to exercise and get a great therapy. Every therapist is kind and attentive.

Vivianne R.

Excellent! I was very satisfied with the level of care I received here. Barak, A.J., and Sally are all great at what they do. My fingers feel so much better and so does my back. I'm waiting for my insurance company to straighten out so I can go back. Thank you guys!

Sam D.

I am so glad I was referred to AJ Physical Therapy by my Orthopedic MD! I worked with Barak, who is fantastic. He is very knowledgeable, and understood not only my injury + my need to stay physical, but he is also interested in a more holistic approach to healing. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Thank you Barak and staff for making what should have been a challenging time for me so much more rewarding. I am definitely better, and am also armed with exercises to help improving.

Ivy S.

I have been attending appointments at this facility for about 2 weeks now. The atmosphere is very welcoming. The staff are all very knowledgeable. I have been noticing a difference in my knee (which is why I go) and that makes me very happy. I was even 10 mins late to my morning appointment and Sally still greeted me with a smile and ended up completing longer than my full hour of therapy, which surpasses my expectation. I can't say enough good things about this facility.

Melissa P.

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